Elisa Marchetti

Elisa Marchetti

Webinar : "Respira (con) la musica"

h. 9.00pm Central European Standart Time

"Respira (con) la musica"
"Breath (with) the music"

The International Bass Clarinet Association - I.B.C.A. is proud to present a new serie of webinars. The first of them will be held by Elisa Marchetti on December 4th of 2020.

This Webinar is open to all the members of the association who can invite other interested people. Guest could also consider to make a free donation to the association.

Elisa Marchetti will held the webinar

The webinar "Breath (with) the music". It's a masterclass about posture and breathing's psychology, physiology and dynamics for correct approaching to musical practice.

Association's Members will automatically added to the event and will receive an email with Google Meet platform's link. To ask for guest participation, write an email to ely.marchetti@gmail.com

Elisa Marchetti obtained her clarinet diploma in 2009 at the I.S.S.M "Guido Cantelli" of Novara. After graduating with honors in 2011 from the same school, she obtained a Master of Arts in Music Performance with full marks at the Hochschule der Künste Bern with Professor Ernesto Molinari. She obtained her Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy in the same Hochschule with honors. Her further education includes the courses organised by Accademia del Teatro Alla Scala in Milano.

Alongside with clarinet, she has been practicing bass clarinet, basset horn and contrabass clarinet. Her artistic and musical development was shaped also through the lessons of musicians such as Patrick Messina, Sabine Meyer, Stefano Cardo and Calogero Palermo, important personalities in the international landscape.

Elisa Marchetti is really involved in teaching. She taught in many music schools in Italy and Switzerland. Now, alongside her classes at the Städt. Musikschule Solothurn and at the Musikschule Worblental-Kiesental she takes part and organise several didactic projects for student of all ages and summer camps.

2019 is Elisa Marchetti teacher in residence for Chamber Music at the 15. Hessische Schülerakademie für die Oberstufe - HSAKA, project for high-school students organised by the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, the Lehrkräfteakademie des Landes Hessen and the Hessische Heimvolkshochschule Burg Fürsteneck and unter patronage by the Hessen Ministry for Culture.

She teachs bass clarinet for the italian brand "Made in Orchestra", with videos all around the bass clarinet: technical skills, extendet techniques, breating, relaxing and stretching, ...

During the last years she went deeper on her studies and on the relationship between body and instrument; so she specializes in breathing's physiology, psychology and mechanics and developed the Workshop "Respira (con) la musica".

Since 2019 she teachs clarinet at the Musikschule Brittnau and clarinet and saxophone at the Musikschule Aarberg.

In 2018 the Hochschule der Künste Bern invited her for the assignment of "Kiwanis Preis", an award for the best students in Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy who stand out also as much talented and involved teachers.

Her clarinet quartet "Quatuor Chouette" was formed in 2014. They won two first prizes in the two international competitions in which they took part: “Premio Contea” of Vidor (TV) in 2015 and “Città di Chieri” in 2016. She also formed the "Tandem Duo", clarinet and guitar, in the same year. It is a peculiar group, specialized in Astor Piazzolla's repertoire. They perform both original pieces and their own transcriptions. In 2015 they recored a live CD, "The Best of Tandem Duo". Elisa also collaborates with many other chamber music groups, mainly in Switzerland.

Her live CD "La Crèation du Monde" was recorded in 2015, as the solo clarinet of the "Solistenensemble der HKB", during the Musikfestival Bern. Since 2015 she has also been performing many times Aaron Copland's "Clarinet Concerto" and the concert for bass clarinet and wind orchestra "Spotlights on the Bass Clarinet" by Jan Hadermann, both in Italy and Switzerland.

She also collaborates as clarinet and bass clarinet in various orchestras, such as the Filarmonica ‘900 del Teatro Regio in Turin, the Kammerphilharmonie Zürich Oberland, the Filarmonica del Piemonte and the Concertino Kammerorchester. She played under the baton of conductors such as Jos van Immerseel, François-Xavier Roth, Ekkehard Klemm, Gergely Madaras, Valerio Galli and Aldo Salvagno.

She took part in many premières, collaborating with italian and swiss composers. Among those: "Strane costellazioni" for orchestra by Beat Furrer, "Il silenzio dell'ulivo" by Emanuela Ballio, who dedicated it to the "Quatuor Chouette", the soundtrack for the movie "Evermore" by Rajiv Sarapati, the cycle "3 Preludi" and "6 Capricci for bass clarinet" by Andrea Vezzoli. The last piece is also dedicated to her.

Newest dedicated to her are an "Elegia" for clarinet and orchestra by Andrea Vezzoli, "Primavera siciliana" for solo bass clarinet by Giuseppe Testa and "Gibran" for solo bass clarinet as well by Giovanni Mattaliano.

She played for renowed institutions, like the Raiffeisen Bank, the Swiss Parliament, the Berner Fachhoschschule, EXPO Milano 2015, the General Governor of Australia, the Organising Committee for the Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006, the Ministry of Education, University and Research, and the Ministry of Environment.

She has been performing in many prestigious halls across Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Vatican City.

She has been a contributor of the C.I.R.C.B. - International Bass Clarinet Research Center- since its constitution, as a researcher and library supervisor. She has also been a member of the IBCA -Internation Bass Clarinet Association- since 2016.

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