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De Luca, Luigi

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Electronics - live electronics

digital delay

Publishing House

Animando Music Publisher
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AN 07201 D


Inspired to the compositive and executive techniques of the repertoire for solo shakuhachi, instrument used for Zen practice to make easyer internal development with the concentration on breath, sound and mostly on the silent.
In Zen musical repertoire, known as Honkyoku wich includes 36 composition, the dialogue between sound and silence is in fact a very important constant; these composition are characterized for a great expansion of time, rythm and for a costant variation or melody and tone. My purpose was to come back this philosophy of tone in a more modern way, the only melodic phrase (played entirely in the last measures only) is constantly varied, dilated, interspersed from silent spaces, wich don't stop the music, but continue it in a metamorphose.
For the title, word "Komuso" means the errant monks wich used Shakuhachi practice for religious practice; the same instructions for the sections wich compose the work want suggest the idea of a meditative monologue.