Venti Studi - Twenty Studies

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Venti Studi - Twenty Studies


Berti, Sauro


Edizioni Suvini Zerboni
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M-02156-194-9 / ESZ.12941

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Berti, Sauro
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Book description

The didactic material for Bass clarinet and Basset Horn is really scanty compared to the one for B flat clarinet. These two instruments have some particular peculiarities and difficulties which require good abilities by the performer. These studies are partially filling this gap and offer very good material for the two instruments, to be considered in a way quite similar each other, but quite different on the timbrical point of view and also for the emission and embochure characteristics. Sauro Berti is the Bass Clarinet of the Rome Opera Theatre and also specialist on the Basset Horn. His studies, conceived without any compositional ambitions, are written in a modern style and explore different aspects regarding compass, bass clef reading, use of some fingers, high register, speed in air emission, wide intervals and bass register. In some cases Berti indicated the studies to be practised on the Bass Clarinet and on the Basset Horn, in some other cases no indications are written and both instruments can be considered. On the preface Berti explains in the inner details the main characteristics of each study to make clear his ideas and how to approach them. These studies are very interesting and useful new material for the Bass Clarinet and Basset Horn players because they give the opportunities to develop their abilities and flexibility on such instruments with nice etudes, having a great variety in the writing and in the musical content.