Ritmo Nuovo

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Ritmo Nuovo
Other Artists: 
The International Clarinet Quartet
Listen Osvaldo - Clarinet
Cipolla, John - Clarinet
Vincenti, Piero - clarinet
Number of discs: 
Release date: 


No. Work Instruments Composer Year Duration
1. Mosaico a Rio clarinet quartet Osvaldo Listen - 02:24
2. Substance and Essence clarinet quartet Kenny Berger - 05:35
3. Tiago clarinet quartet Osvaldo Listen - 03:45
4. Mosaico a Buenos Aires bass clarinet solo Osvaldo Listen - 02:29
5. Mosaico a La Habana clarinet duo Osvaldo Listen - 02:40
6. Zamba Malato clarinet quartet Kenny Berger - 05:07
7. La Minon Ga clarinet duo Osvaldo Listen - 03:21
8. Take It solo bass clarinet Osvaldo Listen - 01:55
9. Los Listen clarinet quartet Osvaldo Listen - 03:59
10. Zamba Marrolien clarinet quartet Osvaldo Listen - 03:44

Album Information

The International Clarinet Quartet, having performed at festivals both in the USA and in Europe is comprised of professional clarinetists from Argentina, The United States, and Italy. This new ensemble presents their first album of South American and traditional jazz music. The diverse musical backgrounds of the ensemble members–John Cipolla, Osvaldo Listen, Piero Vincenti, and Sauro Berti all share their incredible talents in this exciting and passionate interpretation of these wonderfully rhythmic new quartets. Clarinetist/composer, Osvaldo Listen composed "Mosaico a Rio"–a musical collage that combines the passion of the the people of Rio with the relaxed and fun feel of this exciting city. This tune features solos by Osvaldo Listen. New York City jazz baritone saxophonist/composer, Kenny Berger, composed "Substance and Essence," an original tune based on the chords from Body and Soul, featuring solos by John Cipolla. The playful and pensive tune, "Tiago" is dedicated to Osvaldo's son, Tiago. "Mosaico a Buenos Aires" is a solo composition for bass clarinet, expertly and soulfully performed by one of the truly greatest living bass clarinets in the world today, Sauro Berti. "Mosaico a Habana" is a duet composed by Osvaldo Listen, featuring Osvaldo and John Cipolla performing beautifully angular writing that explores the full range of the clarinet and brings to life the colors of spirit of the historic city of Havana, Cuba. "Zamba Malato," another masterful composition by Kenny Berger, is based on a traditional Peruvian folk tune and was premiered at a clarinet festival in Lima, Peru by this ensemble. John Cipolla is featured on this composition. "La Minon Ga" is incredibly rhythmic duet by Osvaldo, featuring improvisations by both Listen and Cipolla and if you listen carefully, you will hear the beautiful clave rhythm embedded within the contrapuntal writing. "Take It" is a solo composition by Kenny Berger in which master bass clarinetist, Sauro Berti explores the full range of sonorities from this bass member of the clarinet family. Los Listen, an original composition by Listen in which he is featured with impassioned improvisations over a subtly spirited accompaniment by the quartet. "Zamba Marrolien," an original composition by Listen is based on a seemingly simple rhythmic figure and serves as a vehicle for Listen's beautiful improvisations and for the spirit of all the quartet players to be expressed.