Studies for Bass Clarinet Vol. I

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Studies for Bass Clarinet Vol. I


Rubio, Pedro
Musica Didactica
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C.I.R.C.B. Library

Cardo, Stefano
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Book description

These 101 exercises are conceived by Pedro Rubio to engage the most common problems approaching to the bass clarinet. This because many bass clarinet players start playing this instrument coming from the clarinet and they find many difficulties in sound, emission and technique.

The first book of this series, 25 Estudios progressivos. Primier Registro hasta el do grave, is formed by exercises of rising difficulty, to look after all the aspects of the execution on the first bass clarinet’s register. The most part of the repertoire of this instrument stays in the second register, that need also more care and control of the sound; thus Pedro Rubio with this book intends to let the student to have a good control of the first register, to make easier the performance on the upper register. He calls the first register “home”, because it gives security and it is the base to have a good resonance in the higher. The faced specific difficulties are in particular the use of the thumb and the articulations.

The clarinetists are not used to having additional keys for the last four semi-tons; to develop technics for the thumb and the little fingers, there are some committed exercises to have an homogeneous technics for all the fingers. Other exercises are written to develop different kind of articulation in legato and staccato.

These exercises are useful for who approach the bass clarinet for the first time because they allow them to develop sturdy bases for their playing.

Elisa Marchetti