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Othmar Schoeck: Sonata

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Balthasar Hens, bass clarinet player of the Stuttgart Philharmonic, studied in the classes of Ulrich Wurlitzer, Johannes Peitz and Ralph Manno at the Colleges of Music in Wurzburg, Hanover, and Cologne and before that he was taught by his father, the clarinettist Bernhard Hens and by Prof. Hans Pfeifer.

He was awarded a scholarship to the Orchestra Academy of the Essen Philharmonic and one of his first jobs was in the Orchestra of the State Theatre in Saarbrucken where he discovered the joys of playing the lowest members of the clarinet family.

As a soloist Balthasar Hens performed, amongst others things, the world premiere of Werner Heider’s The Unexpected for Bass Clarinet Solo and Chamber Orchestra during the International Summer Academy in Pommersfelden.

He also performed, together with the Stuttgart Philharmonic, the rarely heard Concerto for Bass Clarinet by the composer Josef Schelb.

Alongside his job as an orchestra musician, Balthasar Hens also plays in the Stuttgart Philharmonic’s “Philharmonic Wind Quintet” and regularly appears with the pianist Hsiao-Yen Chen as the “Duo Bathyphon”.

From 2011 he has taught bass clarinet at the Cologne University of Music and Dance.

In 2014 he released his first recording which was commended for its expressive sound by local and international press.

Sonate für Bassklarinette und Klavier, op. 41

by Othmar Schoeck (1886-1956)

published by Breitkopf und Härtel, Leipzig in 1931

Werner Reinhart's musicality and skill were the inspiration for the first important work of structurally complex chamber music: Schoeck's Sonate, op. 41, in the German-romantic tradition of Brahms for the bass clarinet. Reinhart, to whom the Sonata was dedicated, was a close friend, as well as patron, of Schoeck (1886-1956). The Sonata was, according to Schoeck's biographer, Hans Corrodi, the first result of a period of deep study by the composer of the works of J.S. Bach.

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Read more on the Thomas Aber's dissertation: "A history of the bass clarinet as an orchestra and solo instrument in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and an annotated, chronological list of solo repertoire for the bass clarinet from before 1945" (p.123-125) (registration needed).

Info on Otmar Sock's Sonata here (registration needed)

You may also purchase the Sonata at the editor's online shop.


The International Bass Clarinet Association - I.B.C.A. opens the application for the Bass Clarinet Seminar on Othmar Schoeck's Sonata Op. 41 for bass clarinet and piano as the third events. 
It will take place in Milano on May 13th. The seminar will be held by Balthasar Hens

This Seminar is aimed at bass clarinet players, whether students or professionals, regardless of their age or nationality.

The Bass Clarinet Seminar will be directed by Balthasar Hens

The seminar will take place on May 13th on O. Schoeck: Sonata Op. 41

The deadline for applying for the seminar is May 7th 2017. The participants must fill in the form downloadable here.

Active participants: 70€
Auditing participants: 10€

The Seminar is part of the activity of the International Bass Clarinet Association I.B.C.A. Participant who is not an associated must join the association to take part to the seminar. The 2017 fee is € 30,00 and will be payed before the lessons. You'll find the module to fill in and send to on the third page of the registration form.

On the bank transfer please write on the Payment description: "I.B.C.A. - Adesione 2017" 

To complete their registration, the participant have to pay the fee and sending to the certification of the money transfer. Failure to respond within the prescribed time limit will cause shifting the selection to the next participant of the waiting list. Participation in this call implies acceptance of these rules.

The money transfer must be to:
Bank: Credito Bergamasco
Payee: International Bass Clarinet Association - I.B.C.A.
IBAN: IT 93 P 05034 01636 000000044998 BIC: BAPPIT22
Payment Description: I.B.C.A. - Seminario Balthasar Hens

CONTACT AND INFORMATION - 389.164.2894 - 347.533.9286

Hens Ligature


During the event will be possible to try the brand new ligatures by Balthasar Hens

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